Our Price list

At Corton Kennels and Cattery, we provide top-quality pet care for your dog or cat while you are away.

Below, you can find our price list, which are tailored to your specifications:



2 Sharing

3 Sharing

£12.50 each
£10.00 each
£13.50 each
£11.00 each
£14.50 each
£12.00 each
£15.50 each
£13.00 each
£10.00 per dog. Extra dogs if sharing less 25%. Min 2 days per week



2 Sharing

3 Sharing

£7.50 each
£6.50 each


Our Prices
£1.25 per mile (£6.25 minimum charge).

Above charges will apply for vets visits for pets with pre-existing conditions. Pre-arranged out of hours’ admissions and departures: £8 per hour 
Collection and drop off on a Bank Holiday by prior arrangement - £15 in addition to normal fees.

Excludes December 25, 26 and January 1.

Extra exercise

Extra walking can be arranged in advance to one hour per day.

 This can be every day or on nominated days - £3 extra per day.

Please get in touch with us to discuss your animals exercise needs and we'll see if we can help you.
Extra exercise


If you require multiple units, they cost £5 less per additional unit.
15 - 19 days

Less 5%

20 - 24 days

Less 10%

25 - 29 days

Less 15%

30 days or more

Less 20%

Own food discounts:


per day less for dogs


per day less for cats
Loyalty discount scheme:

Less 5%

3-5 bookings in the previous 12 months

Less 10%

6+ bookings in the previous 12 months
This applies to boarding fees only and not to trial days or day care.
Charges are for each animal and will be for each day irrespective of the time of dropping off.

Pets collected before 11.30am will not be charged for that day.

Pets dropped off after 2pm may be collected up to 4.30pm without incurring an extra day’s boarding fee.
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If you want your dog or cat to stay at Corton Kennels and Cattery, get in touch with us now.
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