The finest kennels

At Corton Kennels and Cattery, we offer first-class care for dogs around the Calne, Chippenham and Wiltshire areas, no matter how long your stay away from them might be.

Your pet pooches will have plenty of space to run around in, will be taken on fulfilling walks, and fed quality food.

We know how difficult life can be when you leave your pets in someone else’s care, which is why we provide a safe and relaxing place for your dog while you are away.

Happy dogs make us happy!

Our Facilities

As well as our fully-heated kennels, which means they can stay at optimum temperature during the winter and summer, we try to replicate home life as much as possible.

By keeping your dog away from others, we can also keep your dog healthy and you won’t have to worry about him or her getting into fights.
We have our own food products, which should be able to meet any dietary requirements your dog may have.

Our food includes:
  • Premium food
  • Dry food
  • Tinned food
  • Frozen food
Please feel free to take a look around our kennels before you book your dog to stay.

If you want your dog to stay with us while you go on holiday, move house, or for any other reason, get in touch with us now.

Call 01249 760289 now!
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